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  •  Susiem #53433


      I’m 38 years old and am looking for new friends for chat, socialising etc.. look forward to hearing from you.

      Susie x

    •  Yusuke Koike #53434

        Hi Susie. Thanks to contact with me ;-). How is going your weekend? My wife is sick and I took care of her but being together was nice;-)

      •  shivb #53440

          Hi Susie,Im Siobhan I too am looking for new friends in Dublun as all my friends have partners or children ,,I dont .Let me know what your interests are

        •  sun_shine #53549

            Hi Susie,

            I am of similar age and looking to expand my circle of friends. Give me a shout if you want to get together:-)

            •  Susiem #53551


                Thanks for the mail.
                What’s your name and where are you living?

                Chat soon

                •  sun_shine #53552

                    Ops, quite important info is omitted 😀 I am based in Dublin South, fairly close to city centre. Where are you based yourself?

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