Looking for new friends ! :-)

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  •  Céline #45774

      Hi everybody,

      My name is Céline, I’m French and I’m in my thirties.
      I am lost in Offaly 😉 , specifically in Tullamore where I live with my boyfriend.

      I would like to meet new friends just to drink coffee, chat, move, why not visit Ireland!!!
      By bus or train it might be so cool !!

      I have time during the week and on weekends, so if you want to meet it is with pleasure.

      I feel alone in the middle of Ireland so even if you live far do not hesitate to write me !!

      Hope, see you soon.

      Céline 🙂

    •  Masa #45775

        Hi there Celine!

        How do I contact you?

        •  Céline #45782

            Hello Masa!

            You can send me your email and we can chat by mail.

            See you

        •  Masa #45783

            My email address is http://scr.im/35yr 😀

            •  Céline #45787

                Hope you well recieve my email!

            •  Masa #45796

                Got your email. Did you get mine? 😀

              •  Céline #45811


                  Yes I received it! Talk to you soon!

                •  Céline #45812

                    And I answered of course! 😉

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