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  •  Daniel #46028

      Hello everybody! I’m Daniel, 30 years old spanish guy. I moved to Dublin two days ago and I’m looking for some friends to discover the city, have a few drinks and travel around Ireland. My english is improving every day but it’s not as good as I want so if you are a little patient we will be able to.understand each other :p
      I don’t mind about the age so, if any of you are interested drope me a line in my email http://scr.im/36nf šŸ™‚

    •  Esther #46033

        Hi Daniel!

        I am a spanish girl ( 29 ) living in south Dublin, I have friends but Sometimes when someone is free, the rest are working or out for holidays so I would love to meet new friends to go for drinks/ traveling and improve my english of course! XD

        •  Daniel #46041

            Hello Esther! I’m very happy to hear from you. Send mean email and tell me when you want to meet. Or send me your whatsapp and we can talk about it šŸ™‚

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