looking for new friends in dublin. Preferably South Dublin

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  •  Michael #45949

      Hey man I’m Michael. New to Dublin from Limerick working in Sandyford only been here 2 weeks. Living with people I don’t know and we’re not really clicking too much so starting to feel a little isolated.Just a tad 🙂

      I’m a bit of a nerd so I enjoy movies, music,videogames and the odd drinking session 🙂 I also really enjoy travelling having spent the last year in China and such. I’d love someone to go to the cinema with during the week and to hang around with. I also believe I’m pretty funny and not really shy so won’t make ya feel awkward.

      Get in touch with my email if you think we’l get along 🙂

    •  Ali #45955

        Hey Michael, ali here also moved to the big smoke from limerick! Very different to back home but in a good way. Lots to do, lots to see and loads of places to get lost in!!!

        •  Michael #45959

            That’s great! Gimme and email if you’re interested in hanging or whatever. I have no idea when I get replies on this 🙂 haha

        •  Klaudia #45956

            Hi there 😉 I’m Klaudia and I’m new to Dublin as well. I’ve been here for almost two weeks and working as an au pair. I don’t know anyone around here, so it would be nice to get to know someone and just hang out with in my free time. I also like movies and music, so we might have something in common 😉

          •  Lou #45965

              Well, I’ve just moved back to Dublin AGAIN looking for work, like to meet people in area Dub 14 for smoke drink and talk don’t necessarily need to be able to do all 3 @ same time. give me a shout if your around http://scr.im/36d5

            •  Klaudia #45966

                Hey, my email is http://scr.im/36d6 so just write to me. Or perhabs we could chat on facebook or skype? 😉

              •  Gill #45967


                  I am a girl in my twenties, came into Dublin for summer internship. I love traveling and sightseeing, I like reading and hearing interesting stories about unusual places.
                  You mentioned spending some time in China and I came from abroad – we might have really interesting talks sometime!

                  •  Michael #45981

                      That sounds great my email is http://scr.im/36f5 anyway.

                      Gimme an email when you get this 🙂

                  •  Ryan #46020

                      Hi michael,I feel the same way.I have flatmates here but I am not clicking with them eitheir.I live in Sandyford too.I also love computer games,cinema,a bit of sport,and a drink now and then.when I get to know the person I am full of life 😊.I am 25.just finding it hard at the moment to make friends or connect with people.if your intrested in becoming friends let me know 😊?

                    •  Paddy #46067

                        Hey Michael/Ryan,

                        I’ve just moved to Dublin as well – 28 and into movies/sport/gaming/going for pints. I moved in with people when I first got here too and didn’t click so got a wee flat on my own in D6!

                        If you fancy doing some time give me a shout and the three of us could meet up for a pint or something?


                      •  remi #46069

                          Hey, me and a friend just moved to dublin 3days ago – we are french, and we are here for 2 months! If you want we can hang out together, we know nobody here as well and we are not so shy (my mate is a little more, but he is nice :D) tell me if you want me to contact you 😀

                        •  PAddy #46071

                            Sorry I didn’t even see that this was your post lol yeah contact me 🙂 I speak a (very) little french lol

                          •  Sarah #46100

                              Hi guys,

                              I am Sarah, a 20 yo French from Paris. I am also here for two/three months as an au pair, and need to wider my social life – three year-olds are funny, but yeah… I love movies, photography and music! I am a little bit shy though, but that is not a big deal. You can e-mail me : http://scr.im/36r2 💫💃

                            •  Jay #46147

                                Hey everyone! Hope you’re all well?

                                I’m James 30 from Dublin looking to increase my circle of friends

                                I’m into cinema, moivies, tv, sports, music, playing pool, nights out in town, etc

                                http://scr.im/2y14 feel free to send me a message. Perhaps maybe we can all meet up
                                for a few cold beers during the warm summer

                              •  Steve #46194

                                  Hi Michael

                                  My name is Steve and I am 27. I am based in South Dublin. I am looking to meet new friends. I am into sport, comics and videogames too haha it’s hard to meet someone with the same interests. But of course a few drinks and laughs are great too! my email is http://scr.im/36s9


                                •  Shane #46206


                                    Seems like there is a lot of people just looking to meet new people! We should all just meet up somewhere in town some evening and hang out! Any suggestions? 🙂

                                    Shane 🙂

                                  •  Steve #46216

                                      Good call Shane!

                                      Do you all have whatsapp or something?? Setting up a group could be handy. What do yous rekon?


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