Looking for new friends in meath/dublin

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  •  Jenny #45988

      Heya! My name is jenny, almost 21 and “new” to meath, working as an au pair in Ratoath and it would be grear to have someone to just hang out with! Nightclubs, cinema, pokernights. You name it!
      Message me if you wanna meet up 😊

    •  Claire #45991

        Hey Jenny! My name’s Claire. I just moved to Dublin 15 (right on the border of Meath) from Edinburgh to be an Au Pair too! It would be fab to have a chat as it sounds like you’re into all the same sorts of thing as me! Definitely needing a night out 😊. My second name is Summers if you want to drop me a wee Mail on Facebook😊xx

      •  Meath Girl #46005

          Hey jenny! Where are you from? I’m from ratoath myself!!im 23 I work in retail and I’m in college too! If you want to meet sometime it would be great!:-) message me if interested 🙂 http://scr.im/36km

        •  Aurora #46066

            Hi jenny!

            I’m aurora and also living & au pairing ratoath. I’d love to meet up! Give me a message if you’re interested 🙂 http://scr.im/36pn

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