Looking for new friends in Wicklow/South Dublin areas

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  •  Dee #46158

      Hey everyone,

      I’m 27, live in Wicklow, I like music, movies, fitness, tattoos and the likes.
      Thought I’d give this a shot. Just looking to make new friends to hang out with in general and to do things like cinema, hikes/walks, lunch/dinner out, spa days with the girls the odd time, chats, tea banter, chilling, usual friend stuff. I find it hard to make genuine friends as even my closest friends have hurt me in the past and present and can make me feel quite alone :/ I don’t know anyone in my closest town either as I live just outside of it and didn’t go to school/college/work there to get to know anyone. Would be nice to have friends close by or who doesn’t mind sharing trips as I would always be the one doing the traveling to see people…..hope I’m not coming across too bossy there, I swear I’m nice haha.

      Anyways drop a line if you think you’d like to hang out sometime 🙂

      Dee (and no that’s not short for Deirdre lol)

    •  remi #46159

        Hi Dee 😀
        We are two guys, 21 and 22 years, and we go to dublin sometime, but we would like to go to some other city, like galway, things like that. If you want we can talk and see if we want to go out 😀 By the way, we stay here for 2 months (we are near clonee) 🙂 here is my mail if you want: http://scr.im/36pi

      •  Dee #46163

          Sorry, I forgot to add my email address. If anyone is interested in hanging out, email me as I would get that quicker 🙂 My email address is http://scr.im/36tc 🙂

          •  Steve #46191

              Hi Dee,

              My name is Steve and I am 27 too. I am based in Bray/ South Dublin. I hope that’s not too far away. I am looking to meet new friends. Sure chat soon.


          •  Ms876 #50043

              Not sure if this is still valid, but I’m in Blessington and desperately need to meet people.
              Feel stuck, as I don’t drive and pretty much don’t know anyone.

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