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  •  Laura #44641

      Hey guys! I’m a twenty year old girl looking for actual friends, not just people I go out clubbing with.. I’m a musician and I love hanging out in coffee shops, going for walks and drinks, going out, and to the cinema. I’m up for almost anything! I’d make a great friend 🙂

    •  Hussain #44643

        Hi Laura,

        I am 26 old guy and full time student at (TCD). I have been here almost 4 years and I am looking for friendly female to hang out with. I like walk , climbing, cinema and stand up comedy. However, I think I am good at cooking ,drawing and design. Drop me a mail of your interested in meeting for coffee or for something else. Thanks,
        my mail http://scr.im/324k

      •  Laura #44708

          Hi Laura I’m Laura I’m 23 from Meath please email me if your still looking for a new friend 🙂 http://scr.im/3156

        •  Anonymous #44721

            hi im laura too haha im basically in the same boat as you,just looking for someone cool to hang out with and I love music so someone with similar interests is a bonus 🙂 feel free to email me

          •  shauna #45011

              Hey Laura!
              I’m 21 from Dublin and I like the same stuff really! I’d love new people to hang out with 🙂 Mail me if you wanna! http://scr.im/332f

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