Looking for new gal pals in Dublin 😊❤︎

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  •  lornaaaaa #53363

      Hey there girls! 😊 I’m a 21 year old student primary school teacher from Wicklow who lives in Dublin and I’m finding it really hard to meet nice, genuine girls outside of college time. I have a small few friends back home in Wicklow but I never see them anymore as I’m always up in Dublin and it’s so hard to make plans when we’re all living such different lives! So, basically I would love to have someone for the girly gossip over a coffee etc. I love everything from going shopping, gym, jogging, to going out for cocktails. I dont know how this works but if you’re interested please drop a little message underneath this, I would love to hear from you. ❤︎

    •  Emsta6 #53365

        Hey there!

        I’m in the same situation right now, i’m 20 and go to college in Dublin but I’m from the country so it’s hard to keep a good balance in between 🙂 I’m always up for cocktails aha!!

        My email is [email protected] if you want to message me!

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