looking for new girlfriends in Dublin/South Dublin

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  •  MonaLee #41742

      Hi all 😀

      My name is lisa, I’m looking for some new genuine girlfriends/ life long friendship. I’m pretty easy going and interested in animals, walks, makeup artistry ect, I’m 33 and a mother of one but still have time for friendship. Drop me a mail and hopefully we can have some chats 😉

    •  Sunny! #41743

        Hey Lisa. My email is http://scr.im/2xeh
        Be great to hear from you!

      •  fiona #41751

          Hiya Lisa, whats your email please? Would love to chat some more, I’m Fiona, 31, from dublin, looking to meet more female friends as I have alot of male ones. I love tea, going for lunch/meals etc, cinema, keeping fit, nights out, girlie trips away and I always have a gig or festival that I’m going to hahaha, would love to hear from you or other girlies out there 🙂

        •  Gemma #41768

            Moved to Dublin 3/4 weeks ago…. already missing female friends 🙁 lol a glass of wine/ cuppa tea and chat! The boyfriend is doing a grand job but its just not the same ha.

            29 year old from Wales! Living at the moment in D2.

            Anyone free for coffee? Bite to eat?


            •  sarah #41771

                Hi Gem, what’s your email address?

                •  Nadine #41790

                    Sarah do u have facebook?or an email

                •  Nadine #41775

                    Gemma do u wanna get in touch?

                •  Gemma #41776


                    Look forward to hearing from you 🙂

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