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  •  Dave #47565

      Hi there,

      My name is Dave and I’m 30, currently living in Dublin City and looking to meet new people. I’m really passionate about photography and would be out taking pictures whenever I get a chance. Also interested in hiking, films, music, video games – mostly PS4.

      Looking to meet up with someone who might have similar interests.

      If anyone is interested in meeting up just let me know!


    •  Matthew #47570

        Hi Dave

        I’m Matthew. Just moved from Switzerland 2 months ago and am currently enrolled in a Film production course. I also have interest for film and photography, I am however new to the area, so you probably know way more than me =)

        Hope to hear from you


        •  Bridget #49811

            Hi All,,

            Just wondering if you guys & girl meet up on a regular basis? Would really like to make new friends too ๐Ÿ™‚

            Hope to hear from you if possible,,,,

            B ๐Ÿ™‚

            •  Louise #49845

                Hey Bridget,

                Would you like to come to garden party this Sunday, music food and good company, wine for likes a glass or 2 โ˜บ๏ธLet me no what u think Alls welcome 7aug

          •  James #47577

              Hi Dave,

              I’m James 31 from Dublin and like yourself looking to meet new people make friends etc.

              I’m into films/cinema, music, sports, nights out on town, walking, pool/bowling and an gamer like yourself however have a PS3 but might buy a PS4 ijbthe near future.

              Happy to meetup for coffee/few drinks etc if your interested

              Here’s my email http://scr.im/2y14 feel free to send me message anytime.

              Best Regards

              •  Damien #47595

                  Hi lad’s, I’m Damien 34 from Dublin.
                  I’m interested in running, boxing, pool bowling, crafts and going to the cinema or out for a pint or coffee.
                  I’m also open to trying new activities and like a good conversation.
                  My email address is http://scr.im/3baw


                  •  James #47612

                      Hi Damien how’s things? Send you an email ko there. I’m free anytime if your interested in meeting up etc

                      •  Marija #47620

                          Any chance of letting a girl in the circle?

                  •  Dave #47587

                      Hi lads,

                      Sounds good, Matthew do you have an email and I can send you a message?

                      James I’ll send you a message soon!


                    •  Dave #47712

                        Hi I’m Dave 35 years old I’m into music running socialising looking to meet new people most of my friends settled down

                        •  Damien #47755

                            Hi Dave,
                            I would be interested in meeting up with you.
                            You can email me at http://scr.im/3baw.


                        •  James #49824

                            Hi Bridget!

                            How are you? Haven’t met anyone from this thread but have met a few people here. From south Dublin. Like cinema, movies, nights out, coffee/tea, walking etc

                            http://scr.im/2y14 happy to chat and meetup!


                            •  Bridget #49827

                                Hey Jay,,, tks for your reply 😊

                                Kook, I’ll email you if that’s ok,,

                                B ๐Ÿ™‚

                            •  Kerry #49837

                                Hi all,

                                I’m 27 and looking to meet new friends in Dublin. If you want to drop me an email I’m happy to chat and meet for drinks/coffee http://scr.im/2yo2


                              •  Louise #49844

                                  Hi Dave,

                                  I’m having small garden party event this Sunday evening 7th , why not come along enjoy some drinks, food and music. Let me no what u think? Louise

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