Looking for Some Company – Dublin :)

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  •  Aaron F #52524

      Hey everyone! My name is Aaron, iā€™m 22 and living in Dublin. Just looking to meet new people, lot of my friends have become distanced or moved on. Iā€™m easy going and a bit of a nerd. Look forward to hearing from ya!

    •  Li.Me #52535

        Hi there!
        I am Liana, from Italy, here in Dublin looking for a job, and also looking for friends, text me back if you want.

        See you šŸ™‚

        •  Aaron F #52539

            Hey Liana, how are you?
            Thanks for getting in touch šŸ™‚
            Hows the job hunting going?
            If you want, can email me @ [email protected]

            Talk soon hopefully šŸ™‚

            •  Li.Me #52542

                Hi there šŸ™‚ good to hear from you
                Where are you from?
                See you šŸ™‚

                •  Aaron F #52543

                    Living in south Dublin, and you? šŸ™‚

                  •  Li.Me #52545

                      I live in the northside.. what I mean is… which country are you from?

              •  Aaron F #52546

                  Born in England but grew up in Ireland for as long as I can remember

                •  Li.Me #52547

                    Ahahah allright šŸ™‚

                    I’ll send you an email šŸ™‚

                  •  Mo #52548

                      Hi There , I’m looking forward to meet new friends in dublin , Since i’m visiting it for a week in May

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