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  •  Tess #45297

      Hey guys!

      I have lived in Ireland for almost 5 years and I have always been abit alone. I would love to meet other girls that havr different hobbies and wants to hang out and have fun.

      I am in my thirties and would love to meet not only Irish people but also from different cultures.

      My hobbies are handicrafts, shopping, clothes, makeup, photography, reading and cooking food.

    •  Tanya #45298

        Heya teas
        Mail me if u want too chat

      •  Renata #45299

          Hey there 🙂

          I have been living here since last August, relocated from Hungary, 30 years old professionals, and looking for outdoor activities, friends, I like chatting, dancing, hiking, cooking, doing yoga, meditation, etc.
          It would be nice to meet new people and get some friends here 🙂

        •  wendy #45329

            Hi tess I’d love to met up all my friends have moved away r are jus very busy with it would be nice to met new people to have a drink and a chat email me if u like

          •  Sara #45739

              Hi all,

              I’m in the same situation, I have lived in Dublin for over 5 years now and apart from the people from work I have to made many friends here. Most of the friends I made at work are married or with kids. I’m in my thirties and would love to make some friends to go out dancing, for coffee, exercise/outdoor activities, theatre, etc.. anything really! 🙂 Email me if you like. Sara

            •  Lisa D #45790


                Has anyone met up yet?

                Maybe we could get a group of us together who are all looking to make new friends?

                I’m 28, new to Dublin, originally from Wales!


              •  Emma #45794

                  Hi, my name is Emma. I am in the same boat, mid 30s and looking forward to making new friends.

                •  Tanya #45795

                    Heya Emma
                    Mail me if u wana chat 🙂

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