Looking for some fun ladies to go socializing in Dublin city, all my friends ha

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  •  Elaine #42213

      Hey, basically all my friends hav either moved away gotten married or just want to sit in every weekend. I would love to meet some new friends to hang out wit an just have a laugh go to clubs, pubs, cinema what ever just to be out, I am a single mommy an Im 30 🙂 .

    •  Lyndsay #42221

        Hey I’m Lyndsay in the same situation myself like the usual things drinks food shopping etc mail me x

      •  missy #42223

          Hey Elaine…how are you…im kinda in a similar situation and would like to get to know some more gals my age who are up for the craic.. whats your email…be easier to chat over there

          •  Lyndsay #42224

              Hey missy here is my email I’m similar to you both maybe we could all go for a drink and a chat sometime my email is [email protected]
              Com I’m also 30 x

          •  Debbie #42391

              Hay girls I’m in the same boat feel free to send me an email too 🙂 Lyndsay think I’ve already posted under your other comment, this is Debbie 30 from Dublin also a mammy x [email protected] hotmail.com

            •  Jennie #42394

                Hi Elaine. Im a single mam too to 4 fab kids. All my friends have moved away etc….my email is http://scr.im/2y9m

              •  Louise #42395

                  Hey guys. Im sorta in the same situation,, same age as you, just moving up to Dublin at the moment and looking to make new friends. You guys seem like fun, would be nice to meet up. My email is http://scr.im/2y9w

                •  fiona o’reilly #42408

                    hey girls, im in the same situation with the same interests, most of my friends just want to sit in most weekends, hard to get people to go to gigs with me too, as i loveee gigs/festivals. Drop me and email if you’s like and we can chat more, its http://scr.im/2ydx, hope to hear from you all soon x

                  •  fiona o’reilly #42409

                      Hi Elaine,

                      I am also in the same boat. Most of my friends don’t go out anymore, just stay in at the weekends. I have the same interests as you and the other girls, love pubs/clubs, cinema, travel, keeping fit, meeting for coffee, gigs/festivals. It’s hard to get friends to go to gigs with me too, as they are not very adventurous lol, I had tickets to Ellie Goulding a few months ago and I had to sell them, couldn’t get any of my friends to go 🙁

                      Hope to hear back from you soon,
                      Fiona x

                    •  An #44212

                        Hey ladies, I am moving to Dublin next week and feeling little scared of getting alone there. I am in early 30s female and would like few friends who can catch up for coffee chat etc.

                        •  Mags #44217

                            Hi Elaine

                            Love the same things as u, am 29 enjoy having a laugh, all my friends r married n prefer 2 sit in… Get in touch f u fancy meeting up?!.. http://scr.im/30ie
                            Chat soon

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