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  •  Jule #42210

      Hey guys, my name is Jule, I just moved up to Dublin after living in Cork for the past 3 years and would like to meet some people to hang out with. I’m 23, very relaxed, love music/gigs, travelling, having some beers in the sun, simply the good things in life šŸ™‚ Just let me know if you wanna meet up some time for some coffee or drinks.

    •  Stacey #42247

        Hey Jule I just posted a very similar thread.

        I’m also 23, in Dublin and love gigs.

        •  Jule #42252

            Hey guys, sounds good, my email is http://scr.im/2xzk, let me know and we can meet up some time šŸ™‚

        •  lars #42250


            I just moved to dublin from the netherlands to do an internship. I’ll be here for about five months. I’m 22 years old.

            Would love to make some new friends while i’m out here.

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