Looking for Southside female friends

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  •  Louise #41840

      Im 30, living with my boyfriend and 3 cats! I live and work on the Southside and i love nights out, shopping, travelling, chats and coffee! Please get in touch if you are interested in meeting up for a coffee and a girly chat!

    •  sarah #41841

        Hi, whats your email?

        •  Louise #41844

            Hi Sarah my email is http://scr.im/2xfg

            •  Tracy #41862

                Hi girls

                In a similar situation, living on the southside and looking to meet new friends. Would love to chat!


                •  Nadine #41901

                    Hey tracy you fancy a chat?

            •  Tracy #41863


                I’m living on the southside and in a similar situation looking to meet new friends, would love to chat!


              •  Jo #41874

                  Hi girls
                  In a similar situation love to meet some new friends , go for coffee chats, wander around shops etc
                  Hope to hear from some lovely people x

                •  Jo #41873

                    Hi girls
                    New to anything like this but feel in quiet similar way , would love to make new friends , to have the chats , cuppa, wander around shops etc
                    Hope to meet some lovely people x

                  •  sandra #41902


                      Just moved to Dublin. Looking to meet new people for a coffee and chat and to learn about interests and favourite places in Dublin that I have yet to discover!

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