Looking for young friends in Dublin

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  •  desiree95 #46452

      Hi everyone,

      I just moved from Boston to Dublin. My boyfriend is Irish so I’ve mostly been hanging around with his friends on the weekends/after work, but I really want to make some new friends of my own.

      Mostly looking for some good girl friends to hang out with/have drinks/go dancing with.

      Shoot me a message 🙂

    •  Tanya #46455

        Mail me if u wana chat 🙂

      •  Rebecca #46472


          my name is Rebecca and I am 20 years old. I start as an Au Pair in the end of August. If you want to do something you cold answer me 🙂

        •  Lucy #46474

            Hey Desiree,

            I’m 25 and just moved to Dublin from New Zealand. I’m pretty new here and keen to meet some new like minded girls to have some drinks, coffee, hang out with…

            Send me a message if you’re keen to chat! I’m at http://scr.im/37te.

            🙂 Lucy

          •  linda #46569

              I am 36 but consider myself to still be in my 20’s I am married and would like to meet friends to hang out with, go for drinks, dancing etc. I am quite sporty and play a lot of tennis as well as go to the gym regularly. Give me a shout if you would like to meet.


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