Looking to make friends out west

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  •  Sean #44007

      Hey guys,my name is Sean and I’m just looking for some new friends do do some cool stuff with.Ive been living in Dublin and in Vancouver,Canada the last couple of years and since Moving back to Roscommon all my friends seem to have disappeared….well emigrated or got married so I don’t have so many buddies anymore:(Im just looking to meet some people to make life a bit more interesting!I love music,I like running,cycling and going exploring Our lovely country!But I like other thing a too.If your the same as me just looking to meet some new people then get in touch.

    •  jennifer #44008

        Hi! I am near to Roscommon and new to town as well!

        •  Sean #44011

            Hey Jennifer,cool…how do you like Roscommon so far?Do you have an e-mail…probably a better way to chat!

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