Looking to make more girl friends in Dublin

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  •  Caroline #49654

      Hi I’m Caroline and 33! I moved from south of Ireland three years ago to be with my boyfriend. Being with my boyfriend is great but girl time is definitely needed too for chats, coffee, cinema, cocktails! I have made a few close friends since i moved here but now people arecstarting to have famolies and life is busy for everyone. I Didn’t realise it would be so hard to make friends in a city! Let me know if anyone is free to meet for a coffee anytime x

    •  orla #49674

        Hi Caroline and Michelle,

        Would love to meet up. My e-mail is http://scr.im/3aai if you would like to chat.

      •  orla #49675

          Hi Michelle,

          Just received your e-mail but unable to open it. Could you e-mail me again, thank’s!

        •  Aisling Hanly #49677

            Hi, I’m Aisling
            I live here in the states, and coming to Ennis in August for the Fleah!! Really want to get to know others living their for some good things to do. I have been to Roscomon to visit family loads but this will be my first time in Ennis!! Please email👍🏼

          •  Paula #49707

              Hi Caroline,

              In a similar situation, be great to meet. Send me a mail if you’d like to catch up.

            •  Cliona Walshe #49744

                Hi guys I’m new to Dublin and looking to make friends too! Send me an email if ya’d like to meet up πŸ™‚ http://scr.im/3gu3

              •  Magda #49750

                  Hi Caroline:)

                  My name is Magda and I am 26. I also live in Dublin with my boyfriend and as you said it’s great but I am looking to expand my social circle with some girlfriends😉

                  It wi be great to organise a meet up or something.

                  My email is http://scr.im/3267 if any of you would like to have a chat.


                •  Alison #49765

                    Hi girls,

                    I’m in a similar situation. I’m 27, living in Dublin a few years, living with my boyfriend. Would love to make friends with more girls. πŸ™‚ Drop me an email if anyone would like to meet up. It’s http://scr.im/3gwe.


                  •  Maria #49785

                      Hi everybody!!
                      I’m looking for girl freinds as well! I’m Maria 30 years old from Italy.
                      I moved to Dublin 2 weeks ago and I’m currently looking for female friends for having coffee, chats, and great time together.
                      Let me know if anydoby is interested in meeting!

                      All the best,

                    •  Linda Palacios #49789

                        Hi everyone!

                        My name is Linda and In from Venezuela, South America. I’ve been here in Dublin for almost three years and it’s been difficult to make friends so I am hoping to make some soon 😊


                      •  VeronicaB #50094

                          Hi girls! I’m Veronica, I’m 30, whereas your messages date back to one month ago, I’m curious, did you meet? πŸ™‚
                          I’m in the same boat, I’m Italian, I can not wait to meet new friends with whom to go to lunch, shopping or anything. Because I’m not still working and I have so much free time. ^_^
                          sorry if I wrong some words but I arrived just few days ago in this rainy Dublin.
                          Please forgive me and if you are still free, please write me πŸ™‚

                        •  Marionbrtl #50142

                            Hi girls!
                            I’m arriving a bit late on Caroline’s post, but it would be amazing to meet you all!
                            I arrived in Ireland in July 1st, I’m French but lived abroad for the last 8 years. I’m 27, living with my boyfriend and looking to have a great girl circle to just meetup and enjoy sips of tea, wine, beers or just hang out to the movie or shopping or for some running!
                            Let me know if you have a whatsapp group, I would love to join!


                          •  Maria #49756

                              Hi girls,

                              I moved to Dublin 2 years ago because my boyfriend lives here, but I also have found a bit hard to meet girlfriends. Would love to meet with any of you for drinks or coffee. Please email me at http://scr.im/3gvc and let me know πŸ™‚

                            •  Anna #50182

                                I’m in a very similar situation. I’d love to make some female friends in dublin. I’m quite sociable I like going out for a vine/ cocktail. At the same time I enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and horseback riding.
                                Also, I have a lot of time for cooking and eating together.
                                I’d love to meet up with you at some stage.
                                Maybe you could add me to your What’s app group?

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