Looking to make new friends :-)

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  •  Mel #42133

      I am a 27 year old female looking to make some new friends.
      I have only just recently moved over to Ireland from overseas and am finding it’s hard to make new friends at this age!
      I love shopping, music, going to the movies, and going out to bars / restaurants.
      It would be nice to make some new friends over here to go shopping with and go out with and talk 🙂

    •  Nadine #42139

        Hey just seen your add
        I am Nadine 23 years old.
        this is my email if you want to chat http://scr.im/2xec

      •  Sarah #42140

          Hi, what’s your email ad 🙂

        •  Mel #42156

            Hi, my email is http://scr.im/2xmh 🙂

          •  James #42160

              Hi Mel, I’m the same with you except im a Dub lol. Like going to cinema, walking, nights out, into music and sports. Your
              welcome to pm if your like to chat.

              All the best

              •  Mel #42161

                  Hi James,

                  Feel free to email me to chat 🙂

                •  Rob #42266

                    Hi James,
                    I’m Rob, 26 looking to meet new people and make new friends. if ur interested in heading for a drink pal or whatever let me know. I’m also a dub.

                    •  James #42267

                        Hi Rob, how are you doing? yeah would like to meet up for a drink sometime. hers my email http://scr.im/2y14 or 0872030592 send me a reply anytime

                  •  James #42187

                      HI Mel,

                      What is your email addy? sorry for late reply only saw your reply recently

                    •  Corinna #42201

                        Hey guys

                        In the same boat really, moved to dub a few years back but have moved a lot! Hoping to meet some new people! My add is http://scr.im/2xuk if anyone wants to chat!


                      •  lars #42251


                          I just moved over to dublin from the netherlands to do an internship. Will be here for about five months. I would love to make some new friends here to hang out with.i am 22 years old.

                          Let me know if you wanna meet up for drinks or something.

                        •  Matt #42295

                            Hey all, I’m in a similar position, 27 year old guy living in South Dublin. Send me a message if you fancy meeting up to do something! Cheers

                            •  Marian #42300

                                Hey guys.. In similar situation moved to Dublin two years ago and still finding it difficult to establish a good group of friends plus a lot of my friends are scattered around the country and the world. Anyways feel free to email me if anyone wants to chat. Also living in south Dublin 🙂

                              •  fiona o’reilly #42413

                                  Hey Matt, drop me an email if ya like, I’m in the same position looking to meet new people!! my email is http://scr.im/2ydx. thanks fiona

                              •  michelle #42304

                                  Hi marian im michelle and im new to this i just joined this today im looking to meet new friends to i am so i hope u can get back to me and we have achat and all thanks

                                •  michelle #42305

                                    Hi nadine im i just joined this today imthe same im looking to meet new friends to so i hope you will get back to me thanks

                                  •  Sabrina #42311

                                      Hey guys. I’m living in dublin the last 4 years..similar situation. Would love to meet genuine female friends to catch up for coffee, shopping, cinema, drinks or whatever 🙂 my email is http://scr.im/2y3l


                                    •  Donal #42331

                                        Hi Mel,
                                        How are things?
                                        I’m also looking to make some new friends. In Dublin. Like most people here, my friends have got married or moved abroad- so need to inject some fun into my social life!:)

                                        I love eating out, cultural events, music gigs, cinema trips and lots more chilled out events.

                                        Anyway, if you feel like getting in touch, that would be great.
                                        My email is: http://scr.im/2xyz

                                        Take care.

                                      •  Caroline #42361

                                          Heya I’m 26 and from Dublin. Email me and we organise a night out.

                                        •  fiona o’reilly #42411

                                            Hi everyone,

                                            I am also new to this and i am also in the same boat. Most of my friends don’t go out anymore, just stay in at the weekends. I have the same interests, love pubs/clubs, cinema, travel, keeping fit, meeting for coffee, gigs/festivals. It’s hard to get friends to go to gigs with me, as they are not very adventurous lol, I had tickets to Ellie Goulding a few months ago and I had to sell them, couldn’t get any of my friends to go 🙁 i swore that would never happen again 🙂 if anyone would like to get in touch with me, my email is http://scr.im/2ydx. thanks fiona

                                          •  mrssh1234 #42430

                                              What area are you?

                                            •  Magdalena #42443

                                                My name is Magdalena. I am 25. I am also looking for some new friends, so if you are interested we can meet later. My mail adress is http://scr.im/2yjf.

                                              •  Cormac #42355

                                                  Be careful about adding your telephone number to a public site James! Lots of strange people out there! :O

                                                •  James #42370

                                                    Night out sounds good!! 😀

                                                  •  James #42371

                                                      True Cormac but you always tell who the weirdo’s are 🙂

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