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  •  Hannah #43929

      Hey guys,
      My names Hannah, I’m 24, from Dublin. I’m just looking to broaden my social circle and hopefully meet some new interesting cool people. I’m very sporty and love keeping fit. I also love hanging out over coffee, chilling on a night in, love going to gigs, can’t beat a night out. If anyone is in a similar position, guy or girl, gimme a shout and we can try hang out! 🙂

    •  Mark #43938

        Hi Hannah, looking for the same really! Would you like to chat sometime?

        •  Hannah #43957

            Hey Mark, always up for a chat….gimme an email http://scr.im/2ze4, we can go from there

        •  Commandant Stan #43942

            Hi everyone

            It always good to meet new people around, i am organizing parties in town sometimes during my free times or just some quiet times with friends in a restaurant, cinéma or Karoaké haha ( i am very bad at singing anyway).

            Here is my Facebook Stan Bolibo

            See ya soon

          •  Jessica #43943

              Hi! I’m new to town – from America. Just saw your post, I’d love to meet new people!

              •  Hannah #43956

                  Hey Jessica, I’d love to chat. Gimme a text on 0857632450. Hannah

              •  Sudhan #43945

                  Hi Hannah

                  I am new to dublin and would like to meet new Friends and hang out. we catch up over a coffee some time.


                •  Aine #43948

                    Hey everyone, just moved to Dublin a couple of months ago and I work as a nanny so it’s pretty hard to meet people! Would like the same sorta thing, just hangin out, chatting over coffee etc.. :))

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