Looking to make new girl friends in Galway aged 25-35

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  •  Margaret #44013

      Hi, I am looking to make new genuine funloving new girlfrinds in Galway. I am in my early 30’s myself and enjoy the gym, going for coffee’s, the cinema, chats, going for drinks, cooking (oh, and EATING – I’m trying to watch that though)! dancing, going to new places, shopping, rock music, going to live gigs etc. I definetly need to get out more though! If you like any of the hobbies mentioned – give me a shout 🙂

    •  Brenda #44016

        Margaret why don’t you join the group that’s being set up, under “outdoor/social buddies.

        To top up the numbers.

      •  Níamh #44021

          Hi Margaret, I have very much the same interests. I would love to meet at some stage for a coffee and chat!

          •  Brenda #44056

              Hi Niamh

              Have you had any success in meetups?

          •  Níamh #44068

              What’s your email address and we can chat through that 🙂

            •  Margaret #44122

                You can email me at this email if you are interested: http://scr.im/2zzz 🙂

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