Looking to make new girlfriends in North dublin

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  •  Anonymous #48626

      I’m looking to meet new friends in Dublin. I love shopping, going out but I’m not a big fan of night clubs, I love going for dinner and meeting up for coffee.
      I’m in my mid 20’s and I have been living in Dublin for nearly 2 years.

      If you think you would like to meet up or hangout please comment here. Looking forward to meeting new people 😊

    •  Noeleen #48631

        Dont know why I never looked for this type thing online.. seems like a no brainer. I to am looking for some friends to share giggles and goss with .. love to shop, get coffee. hate the night club scene not my sort of thing at all, love going walking. Iv lived in dublin bout 7 years havent really made friends apart from work people.. im from the midlands and im DUN DUN DUN 30 years old!!

      •  Eve #48679

          Hey, if you want drop me an email with more details or a meeting suggestion, write to http://scr.im/3e7t

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