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  •  Donal #45112


      I’m looking to make some new friends in Dublin. Male and female friends are welcome. I am an easy going guy who enjoys eating out, going to cultural events and simply enjoying having a wide range of interests.

      It would be great to meet professionals around my own age who want to widen their circle of friends and put some fun back in their social lives!:)

      With the summer coming in, the days are becoming bright and long..so getting out when I’m not working would be great!

      If you are a fun and positive person who is looking for the same as myself, then feel free to say hi:)

      I have made one or two good friends from this site, so, I’m looking forward to making some more good friends:)

      Hope to chat to you soon!

    •  Celine #46088

        Hello Donal,

        My name is Celine, I’m trying to make new friends too.
        If you want to chat don’t hesitate to contact me.
        See you

      •  Oz #46089

          Hi Donal,
          Nice of you to post.
          Im 34, female and already in a relationship.
          Looking to meet new people to hang out with. Drop me an email if you wanna chat a bit more http://scr.im/36ql

        •  P #46091

            Hey Donal,

            I’m 28, working in city centre and living in D6. Give me a shout if you want to meet up for a beer or something šŸ™‚


          •  Jay #46146

              Hey all!

              Hope all is well? I’m James 30 from Dublin and looking to meet new people and extend
              my circle of friends.

              I’m in cinema, waling, bowling, hanging out, pints in pubs/bars etc.

              http://scr.im/2y14 feel free to send me a email. Perhaps if anyone is interested we can meet
              up for a few drinks in town

            •  Michael #46212

                Iā€™m here for an English course and would love to meet new people to hang out, drink a beer, go to the cinema, explore Dublin and especially to travel around Ireland. šŸ™‚
                Iā€™m a outgoing person and love to try new things. šŸ™‚
                Text me and we can chat šŸ™‚
                By the way, Iā€™m mid-thirties and from Basque Country.

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