Looking to meet girlfriends in Dublin ;)

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  •  Gosia #44535

      Hi everyone!

      I’m in my 30’s and I’m looking to meet female friends in Dublin, I’ve lived here for over 13 years now. A lot of my friends started families etc and have no time for socialising. I like going for a coffee, going to the cinema, walks etc. It would be nice to meet somebody new. I hope to hear from you!


    •  Enrica #44540

        Hi Gosia,

        I just read your post. We have the same situation! I have been living in Ireland for 12 years and a half now and my friends have all moved back to their countries or settled down. So I am looking to find new girl friends to go to the cinema, dinners or coffee. Please, send me an email if you like 😉

        •  Gosia #44541

            Hi Enrica
            Thanks for the reply. It would be great to meet up. Please email me when suits you best http://scr.im/322z. Im available in the evenings during the week or any time at the weekends. Please mail me with what you think. Thanks 😉

            •  Anne #44543

                Hi Gosia and Enrica, I’m in a similar situation, I’m Irish but I’ve been between Dublin and abroad over the last number of years and each time I get back from a stint abroad people are getting more and more settled. Definitely interested to meet some gal pals for chats, coffees, etc. Cheers.

          •  Magda #44548

              Hi all. I am living in Ireland for 5 years. I have recently moved to Dublin and am in a similar situation like you guys. I would love to meet new girls and spend time going to cinema or for a coffee and a chat !:)

            •  Gosia #44551

                Hi girls
                Thanks for all the replies! Great to hear from you all! I forgot to mention my email in the original post, so please mail me at http://scr.im/322z and we’ll arrange a meet up. See you soon!!!

                •  Julia #44554

                    Hi Gosia, this is Julia with the ‘Y’. I emailed you yesterday and finally figured out how to send the reply to your post Lol. Please count me in if you are going to meet up soon!!!:) Was just wondering would we meet all together and how soon?:)

                •  Tee #44552

                    Hi Ladies..Well i have been here for 2 year nd cant say i have had friends as i spend most of my time in the house.i am 26 this year.Please mail me back.. 🙂

                  •  Ann #44591

                      Hi Girls,
                      I’m 36 and recently moved to Dublin after living overseas all my adult life. I would love to meet some like minded girly friends to hang out with. Coffee, dinner, cocktails, cinema, shopping…whatever. Would love to join your gang

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