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  •  Fiona Moloney #47566

      Hi all,
      Im in my thirties, irish and love nothing more than a great night out full of dancing. Im looking to broaden my social circle and meet new female friends. Also love keeping fit, travelling and meeting new people. Hoping to hear from u all

    •  orla #47568

        Hi Fiona, How are you? I’m interested in meeting up. Similar interests also. Email me if you would like to chat more http://scr.im/3aai

      •  Wendy #47623

          Hi Fiona here’s my email http://scr.im/3b0j

        •  Fiona #47624

            Hi there, I am in the same position, here is my http://scr.im/3bdg

          •  Caroline #47627

              Hi, I’m in my thirties and just moved back from England after 8 years and looking to meet new friends, email if you want to chat

              •  ita #47632

                  Hi caroline.
                  Great whats your email address?

              •  Karen #47633

                  Hi Fiona I’m in my thirty’s aswell I have very similar interests to what you have described here’s my email address http://scr.im/3bem

                •  Aileen McLoughlin #47641

                    Hi girls, I’m Aileen, 23, originally from Glasgow but now living in Blanchardstown, my email address is http://scr.im/3bgn

                  •  Brenda #47732

                      Hi ladies. I’m in my thirties. Similar situation. Luv to meet up. Just joined this site.. I live in Meath but wud meet in Dublin.

                    •  Amelda #47756

                        Hi fiona

                        Same as yourself .I live in westport and find it very hard to meet new people to hang out with.

                        Here my email address faherty_amelda@Hotmail. Com

                      •  orla #47784

                          Hey Brenda, How are you? E-mail me if you like to chat!

                          •  Anonymous #48400

                              Hello there. Based near Navan in Meath and in my late 20s. Looking to make some fun friends in Meath area in their 20s/30s to hang out with at weekends / in the evenings

                          •  Diana #48434


                              I am 37 and like to meet new girls for a night out or also for a nice day with drinking coffee and hanging around. I am living between Limrick and Ennis and if someone is next, please contact me πŸ™‚

                            •  Karla #48456

                                Hi girls,

                                I’m in a similiar position and also in my 30’s would love to meet new people after returning from London to Dublin last Autumn.

                                I’m into fitness too, Pilates Reformer/Yoga/Walks and I love goin to the cinema, eating out and heading out on the town for a night out.

                                Email if you’d like to get in touch with me. Would love to hear from you.

                                Thanks. πŸ˜‰

                                •  Anonymous #48469

                                    Hi Karla,

                                    Would love to meet up but I am based closer to Navan than Dublin so would be looking to meet up with some friends locally, as Dublin is that little bit too far away to get to quickly, easily and cheaply.

                                    Maybe some of the other ladies here might be based nearer Dublin and would love to meet up?

                                    Another great place to look for friends to hang out with is MeetUp.com if you want to give it a go. Loads of different groups to meet up with – fitness, cinema, nights out, and everything in-between. Most groups appear to be Dublin based so might give you a whole new lease of life πŸ™‚

                                •  Karla #48471

                                    Thanks Ashling for giving me some other ideas.

                                    Much appreciated πŸ™‚

                                    •  Anonymous #48481

                                        No worries Karla πŸ™‚

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