Looking to meet new female friends in Dublin

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  •  Mary #48466


      I’m early thirties and living in Dublin. Would love to meet some new girls to hang out with. I’m more of a cafe/quiet pub/ tapas sort of girl than a clubber or big drinker and would love to have a few more girls to meet up with.

      I love the usual stuff- spending time with friends, going for coffee, going for walks, travel, cinema, books etc.

      Give me a shout if you fancy meeting up

    •  orla #48473

        Hi Mary, How are you? Email me at http://scr.im/3aai if your keen to chat.

      •  giulz #48477

          Hi! I am in my late late 20s and in the same situation as you. I have moved to Dublin almost one year ago and would love meeting new friends to hang out and to share with, it is not always easy to make new friends in Dublin. So I think it could be lovely to meet up for a coffe or a drink, if you fancy. Hope to hear from you πŸ™‚

        •  Wendy #48485

            Hi Mary how r that sounds like every thing I’m interested in email me and we can have a chat hope to hear from soon

            •  Mary #48495

                Hi Wendy

                Mary here…. sounds good. What’s your email address?


            •  Soledad #48491

                Hi! I just moved close to Dublin from Spain. I work in Ashbourne and I would like to meet some people to go for dinner or a coffe! And of course i also like tapas! Send me an email at http://scr.im/3dyz and maybe all of us can meet for a coffe to meet!!

              •  Esther #48609

                  Hi Mary and everyone!
                  I am Esther,a spanish living one hour to the north of Dublin, but i usually go there, i love Dublin. I enjoy the same things as you and i would like to meet new people. I like going to have a coffee or dinner, life music, yoga, interesting places, walks, nature and learning about everything.
                  I’ll be this sunday in Dublin if someone wants to meet πŸ™‚

                •  Fiona #48612

                    Heya girls ID love to meet new people get in touch for a coffee drink… πŸ™‚

                    •  Mary #48613

                        Hi everyone

                        Mary here (original poster on the thread). In new to Newtotown and am having brain freeze…. How do I PM you or I share my email address without it being visible to the world? Would love to hear from you all and maybe go for a coffee / drink etc

                    •  Esther #48615

                        Sorry, my email is http://scr.im/3e46 πŸ™‚

                      •  Fiona #48618

                          You type it in but it doesn’t come up just in an encrypted way.

                        •  Lis #48624

                            Hello girls!
                            You got to click on the link them match the code to prove you are human (lol) and then you will see the email.

                            I am a 31 years old Portuguese girl that moved to Dublin last November. Looking for friends to hang out, go to the cinema, take a coffee, talk about everyday life and even some travel to meet the island a little bit better. Don’t care about your colour, age, gender or nationality.. Looking for open minded friends to make life more fun. Not a big fan of pub’s but with good company I can change my mind to take some pints.
                            If you are interested in meeting please text 0838528099 or write to http://scr.im/3e4d

                          •  Noeleen #48632

                              Hi ..
                              Same as nearly all above.. iv been here 7 VERY quite years.. need to grab a coffee with someone other than the fella.. iv just turned 30 love usual stuff, walkin talking coffee (well actually I gave up coffee .. so tea) not a night clubber, or big drinker.. from the midlands and thats about it!!

                            •  Wendy #48677

                                Mary I’m so sorry I don’t no why it didn’t go up here it is again http://scr.im/3b0j hope to hear from u soon

                              •  Eve #48680

                                  Hey, if you want to, drop me an email with more details or a meeting suggestion, please write to http://scr.im/3e7t

                                  •  Mary #48735

                                      Hi ladies

                                      Mary here again! (Original poster).

                                      Here’s my email address- drop me a line if you fancy meeting up for a coffee or something soon.



                                  •  Fiona #48683

                                      Heya would love to meet new people my email is [email protected] πŸ™‚

                                    •  Vanessa coffey #48684

                                        Hi there I’m 34 in the very same boat,would love to make friends meet New people to hung out drop me an email 😊

                                      •  Katie #48746

                                          Hi Mary / all,

                                          I am from the north of Ireland and I have recently taken up a new job in east point. I am currently house hunting and I’d love to meet some new people and get settled in sooner rather than later. If anyone would fancy a coffee / chat, please drop me a mail


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