Looking to meet new friends – female – Late 20' & Early 30'

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  •  Natasha #47497


      I’ve moved to Dublin a couple of months ago and would like to meet someone interested in enjoying good coffee/relaxing/having a good laugh over completely unimportant things/cocktails (and the list goes on).. The people I know are either in relationships, married, getting married, matchmaking (even under strict instructions to not do it) or work when I have days off (weekends).

      A couple of things about me: I love good coffee, good music and humor (sarcasm welcome).
      Shopping is ok as long as nobody expect me to go to more than 3 shops (my personal maximum).

      If you are interested in meeting for coffee send me a message and we’ll be in contact!


    •  Emma #47504

        Hi Natasha,

        I’m 26 and have been in Dublin for 6mos. I’m definitely up for meeting new people who’d like to get out and do something instead of hibernating this winter. Let me know if you’d like to grab coffee.


      •  Dejan #47509

          I’m 35 old male from Croatia, moved here in Dublin 4 months ago. If you would like to know me better, go on coffee or something, feel free to contact me. I promise I won’t bite you. Anyway, I like humor and coffee too.

        •  Karen #47512

            Hi Natasha I’m 31 I like doing very similar things to you going out for a nice coffee, cocktails and shopping. Let me know if you would like to meet up some time soon for a coffee πŸ™‚

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