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  •  Rasa #47437

      Hi, looking to meet new people in Dublin. All my friends moved to London or Australia or other parts of the world or they not my friends anymore as they my ex fiancé friends!!! I’m single mum (I’m 34) who works full time during the week but free on a weekends as my daughter (she’s 7) is staying with her dad. I love go shopping, going out for lunches, hiking and etc.

    •  Hussain #47438


        I don’t know if there are any free place for me or not?? I am a 27 years old guy and I am full time student. Actually, I am not Irish and I have been living here almost 4 years. What I can offer to you is a good time and a lot of fun. I hope to hear from you soon. My mail http://scr.im/2z34


      •  Nadia #47458

          How are you??
          My name is Nadia, I’m 32 years old and I’m from Spain.
          I’m studying english in Bray and I don’t know anybody. So I would like to meet some people here. I love go to the cinema, going to shopping, going to pub with live music or just going to a coffee shop for chat.

        •  Rasa #47461

            Hi Nadia, how are you? If you want to meet up this Saturday let me know?

          •  o #47473

              Hi Rasa, Have you an e-mail address ? If you like to chat

            •  Nadia #47483

                Hi Rasa!!
                I’m sorry for my late reply thank you so much for answered me.
                Today It’s impossible because I’ll go back to Spain, but if you don’t mind I would like to contact you by email.
                My email is http://scr.im/3azt
                We can meet when I return to Ireland 😊
                Looking forward to hearing from you.
                Have nice weekend

              •  Orla #47495

                  Hi Rasa, How are you? If you like you can mail me at http://scr.im/3aai if you would like to meet up some weekend.

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