Looking to meet new people!

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  •  pxbstblue #52529

      Hi there my name’s Emma, I’m kind of new to Dublin. I’m turning 20 in a few months and looking to expand my social circle outside of college. Im into everything from shopping to just chilling with a coffee 🙂 let me know if you want to message me!

    •  Li.Me #52534

        Hi 🙂
        I am Liana, from Italy, in Dublin to look for a job, I am 20 as well and I am looking for friends, text me if you want 🙂

        See you 🙂

        •  pxbstblue #52536

            Hi Liana!

            I’d love to get in touch if you have email or something of the sort 🙂

            Talk soon!

            •  Li.Me #52537

                Hi there.

                Good to hear from you 🙂
                I have skype if you have it too my name is Liana M.

          •  Jerry #52540

              Hey there! I’m planning to move to Dublin, I’m Mexican and also I’m looking for a job in Ireland, meet us would be great!

            •  mahe094 #52653

                i am not good at coffee.as i crossed 18, 3 years back made be good at beer .i wish i doono what i do.i just live in today .😆

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