Looking to meet new people to go to gigs with in Dublin

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  •  Ciara #44734

      Recently moved to Dublin and I am looking Female/Male friends to socialise with late twenties/thirties.

    •  Anonymous #44735

        hey my emails http://scr.im/32so

      •  fiona #44741

          Hi Ciara,

          I’m in a similar situation. I’m Fiona, 32 & living in North Dublin. I’m also looking to meet new people to go to gigs with, as most of my friends wont come with me. Looking to go to quite a few gigs in the coming months!! What’s your email? Look forward to hearing from you soon

        •  liv #44746

            hey i’d be up for going to some gigs most of my mates don’t like the music i do so it would be great to find people to do it with šŸ™‚

          •  fiona #44748

              Hi Liv, my friends are exactly the same!! They never go to any gigs with me. Email me if you like at http://scr.im/2ydx.

            •  Debbie #44749

                Hi girls,
                I’d also like to meet up for gigs. Are any of you going to Ed Sheerin?

                I live in Dublin 7 and looking to make some new friends

                My email is http://scr.im/2xpy

                Thanks Debbie

                •  Fidelma #45134

                    Hi Girls,

                    I am in the same vote. Would love to meet new female friends in dublin who are up for going to gigs, going out etc. A lot of my friends have moved away now so its hard enough to meet people in their late twenties, early thirties. Hope we can all meet up soon

                    Fidelma )

                •  Graham #44753


                    Im 27 and would like to go to more gigs.

                    Heres my email http://scr.im/32r9

                  •  Antita #44775

                      Hi everyone!!! I’m Marta, 30 and spanish. Could be really nice go out and have a nice craic šŸ™‚

                    •  Weronika #44983

                        Hello::) Iā€™m Veronica, a live in Ireland. Iā€™d like to meet other girls to go out together or travel around the country. I live in Orchardstown park, Rathfarnham in Dublin.
                        My email is : http://scr.im/32wz

                      •  James #45122

                          Hey all!

                          James here, 30 from Dublin looking to meet and make
                          new friends and go to more gigs in town in The Workmen Club, Village, The Grand Social etc.

                          Feel free to send me a reply anytime. http://scr.im/2y14


                        •  Richard #45132

                            Hey guys,

                            I would love to get in on this. I’m 31 and looking to grow my circle of friends and meet new people and do new things. I hope to hear from you soon!



                          •  Richard #45133

                              http://scr.im/34uc I forgot šŸ™‚

                            •  Joyce #45136

                                Hi girls !

                                I’m here it since a month now and it’ll be a pleasure to make some friends in Dublin. I live in the northwest and could meet you around there or in the city. Do you heard about the may bank holiday music festival at the church pub? I’ll be there on friday 1st of may with a friend. Let me know by email if you’re interested : http://scr.im/34vm !!

                                Hope to see you soon

                                Joyce, Female, 26 years

                              •  Sarah #45254

                                  Hi girls new to this site first time ever done anythin lik dis love to meet some friends to go to gigs etc a group of us of this is meeting sat for a bite to eat and few drinks for da first time da more da merrier 😃 mail me http://scr.im/35dj

                                  •  Renata #45306

                                      Hey there šŸ™‚

                                      I have been living here since last August, relocated from Hungary, 30 years old professionals, and looking for outdoor activities, friends, I like chatting, dancing, hiking, cooking, doing yoga, meditation, etc.
                                      It would be nice to meet new people and get some friends here šŸ™‚

                                  •  FT #45742

                                      Hi Girls

                                      Looking to meet some new friends as all of mine have moved away. I’m a 26 year old girl living in Dublin and love going to gigs and festivals. Get back to me if you wanna meet up šŸ™‚

                                    •  ty #45752

                                        hey this sounds promising, here is my mail: http://scr.im/35vs

                                      •  Paul #45841

                                          Wow I am the same, I thought I was the only one whose friends are always “too busy” to go to a gig with me, or say they don’t like the music or whatever. Omg. I’m mid/late 20s too…. email me Ciara.

                                        •  Gerson #45843

                                            I’m from Brasil and live here yet.
                                            I want meet new peoples and futures friends.
                                            I’m learning English, but I speak and write very bad.
                                            If they want my contact whatsapp send email to http://scr.im/362x

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