Looking to meet some girly friends

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  •  Sarah #45223

      Hi im in late 20s just moved back to dublin was living in portarlington for 7 years looking to meet some girly friends who like shopping going da cinema mail me if interested x

    •  Tanya #45233

        Heya Sarah we can meet up Sumtime if u like .
        Here’s my email http://scr.im/3504

      •  maria #45243

          hi girls! if you wanna keep in contact with me too I’m in the same situation, I moved here any months ago and I had not time till now to go out, I’d love to meet up new people. I’m Maria and I’m 24, living in city centre, my e-mail is http://scr.im/31vp

          •  Sarah #45244

              Hi girls i mailed yus xx

          •  maria #45246

              nothing on my e-mail :-/

            •  Sara #45274


                I would love to meet some new friends to hang out with. A few months ago I moved back to Dublin after living in the UK for 5 years. I have drifted apart from friends that I used to have here plus many have moved abroad. I’m 30 yrs old, I love shopping , cinema, going out for food and drinks,coffee (or cocktails. 😃) I suppose more than anything I am most definitely in need of girly chats and some female company 😊 . Please get in touch if interested in meeting up.

                Sara x

                •  Renata #45301

                    Hey there 🙂

                    I have been living here since last August, relocated from Hungary, 30 years old professionals, and looking for outdoor activities, friends, I like chatting, dancing, hiking, cooking, doing yoga, meditation, etc.
                    It would be nice to meet new people and get some friends here 🙂

                •  Tanya #45275

                    Heya Sara
                    Here’s my email if u wana chat http://scr.im/3504

                  •  Catherine #45276

                      Hi girls,

                      I too just moved back from the UK and in need of a couple more girly friends in Dublin. Enjoy running, walking, shopping and of course cocktails and girly catch ups.

                      We could maybe set up a group meet up ?

                      Catherine 🙂

                    •  Tanya #45277

                        Heya Catherine
                        Mail me if u wana chat http://scr.im/3504

                      •  alison #45278

                          Hi girls, in the same boat as you all. Would love to see if we could arrange a meet up for coffee or a few drinks sometime 🙂 my email is http://scr.im/2xef

                        •  Tanya #45279

                            Heya Alison
                            Sent ya a mail 🙂

                          •  Sophie #45280

                              Hi Girls,

                              I think it’d be good if we set up a group chat? That way we could organize meeting for a coffee?

                              My email is http://scr.im/35j3

                              Soph x

                            •  Catherine #45282


                                I agree, can we set up a group get together one here ?

                                Catherine 🙂

                              •  alison #45284

                                  Not sure if there is a group chat on this… Can’t find one? Maybe Viber??

                                •  Sophie #45287

                                    Yeah we could set up a viber.

                                    If everyone is ok with giving their numbers here?

                                    soph x

                                  •  Catherine #45291

                                      Hi girls,

                                      I’m happy to do that 🙂

                                      Catherine x

                                    •  Catherine #45293


                                        How do I send my email privately on this ?


                                        •  Tanya #45294

                                            Heya Catherine
                                            U have too just write in ur email address and it comes up then as a link 🙂

                                        •  Catherine #45295

                                            Oh ha !

                                            Its http://scr.im/35mg


                                          •  Tanya #45296

                                              Heya Catherine
                                              Sent u a mail 🙂

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