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  •  Julie #41928

      Hi, My name is Julie I’m 28 and looking to make new friends, Recently split up with Bf an 8 year relationship with the split I have lost friends, and over the years friends have left the country. I still have friends that I love and will always be in my life but I feel I need a change a fresh start to make new friends. Being honest I’m up for pretty much anything. If your interested get in touch. J

    •  Fiona #41931

        Hi my name is Fiona. I’m 28 too. I work as an Occupational Therapist with kids and teems. I’m Into outdoor activities hiking cycling. I’m part of a drama group. I’m originally from Galway. I’m fairly new to Dub after travelling for a few years. I’ve a good few friends from college and home but would like to meet more people…;)

        •  Julie #41936

            Hi Fiona,

            So do you work out of one of the children’s hospitals? would love to get into hiking, do you do it with a group? I know this will seem like 20 questions but never done this before and just wondering if you have ever met up with any of the girls on here?


          •  Marian #41962

              Hey all!!
              I’m exactly the same. I’m from Cork.. Moved to Dublin 2 yrs ago and didn’t know anybody when I moved up. So I’m looking to get me a bunch of friends since the city can be so lonely when you don’t know anybody.. And as well loads of my friends have moved away so its really difficult to keep in contact with them. I work as a nurse and am based in black rock area.. Would love to meet up for coffee/drinks/nights out!! Also love running!! 😉 my email is

            •  Marian #41963

                Hi Fiona.. I also love hiking, running and keeping fit.. And I work as a nurse.. Where are you based. My email is 😉

              •  C #42168

                  Hi Fiona,

                  How are you? I’m pretty interested in making a new bunch of pals, I’m not originally from Dublin but living here so nice to meet new people.

                  I like girly nites out, adventure stuff,, hiking travelling, anything goes really! If you are organising any more meet ups let me know! 🙂


              •  Nadine #41934

                  Nadine here would you like to get in and plus me and few of the girls are organising a night out saturday would u like to join?mail me cheers

                •  Alison #41938

                    Hey ya,

                    I’m Ali. 27 currently living in Kildare and will be moving to Dublin in July/august. Looking to make new friends in the area.
                    Not really sure how this works so fingers crossed 🙂 x

                  •  S #41951

                      Hey girls looking to meet new friends

                    •  sarah #41960

                        Hi , I am 30 and after living in Dublin for 5 years after moving from England I have seen many friends sadly leave. So I am hoping to make new ones! Feel free to get in touch.

                      •  Mary #41967


                          I’m 30, living in Dublin and trying to increase my social circle as friends keep emigrating!

                          Would love to meet up for a coffee or something if you are free one evening/ weekend.

                          •  sarah #41969

                              Hi Mary what is your email address? I am also 30 and looking to meet new people!

                          •  C #41974

                              Hey all,

                              I am working in Dublin for the past two years but studied elsewhere and not from here means I have found it difficult to settle in. Looking to make new girlfriends. Like cinema, drinks, shopping and just meeting up for chats. Here is my email:


                            •  N #41975

                                Hi great to find this.. I’m 30 and recently moved to Dublin and would like to make some new friends.

                              •  Corinna #42045

                                  Hi Ladies 🙂

                                  Im looking to meet some new people in Dublin!

                                  Ive been living in for a couple of years and hoping to make some new friends- I enjoy all things girly (shopping, cocktails.. Need I go on? ;))

                                  Pretty new to this but if any one would like to arrange a meet for coffee or something let me know!



                                  •  c #42047


                                      My name is Catherine, 25. Been working in Dublin the past three years. First time on this site so don’t know how it works only joined the other day. Like the usual drinks, coffee, cinema stuff. And the very rare jog.

                                    •  Nadine #42173

                                        Hey Corinna how u?this is my mail if u wanna get in touch
                                        We could arrange a meet up

                                    •  giulia #42075

                                        heiiii! i’m giulia and i’m in drogheda, near dublin i’m looking for new friends for the weekend
                                        i will here untill the middle of september

                                        contact me

                                      •  armelle #42103

                                          Hey girls!

                                          I am in the same boat as you are. I Used to live in Dublin (Belfast for four years previous to that again) and studied, move away two years ago and returned and all my friends have now moved on… living in city centre, would love to meet up. Very shopping, city, cultural kind of girl. Married now so not a huge fan of the all_night party sessions (used to do it before though) but up for almost anything 🙂

                                          Armelle (26)

                                        •  Misspink #42163

                                            Hi ladies,

                                            I’m in the same boat, I’ve been chatting to a few of the ladies here and trying to organise a get together or girly meet up ,anyone interested or for a friendly chat feel Fred to mail me @

                                          •  Miss Tee #42165

                                              Hey there Julie…well i am available ..i am soon to be 25 😉

                                            •  missy #42167

                                                hey girls

                                                How are you julie, im in similar sitch…would luv to get chatting…organise an event where a few of us could get together…hopefully have abitta craic.

                                              •  Erin #42170

                                                  Hi Julie,

                                                  I’m also 28 and have just moved to Dublin in June. I’m from the US and am looking for friends to do stuff with! I’m an easygoing person, not very girly, but will do pretty much anything. If you’re still looking for a new friend, I’d love to chat! : )


                                                •  littlemissT #42171

                                                    hey girls.. am kind of in the same situation too.moved to ireland about 4 years a girly girl i love nights out,shopping even window shopping haha, meeting out for coffee and just girly chats.if someone arranges a meet up at the weeknd with othet girls let me kno . oh iam 27.

                                                  •  Debbie #42179

                                                      Hay girls,
                                                      Just joined this so not sure how it works. I am 30 years old from Dublin and just looking to make some new friends.

                                                      Here is my email if you would like to get in touch, would be nice if a group of us could meet up and see how it goes 🙂

                                                      Debs x

                                                    •  Sabrina #42257

                                                        Hi girls. I’m new to this too. I’ve been living in dublin the last 4 and a half years…dublin can be a lonely place I know! Looking to make new friends.. I love to socialise, workout, shop and generally chill out. Would be great to hear from ye. Sabrina

                                                      •  Sabrina #42258

                                                          Hi girls. I’m new to this too. I’ve been living in dublin the last 4 and a half years…dublin can be a lonely place I know! Looking to make new friends.. I love to socialise, workout, shop and generally chill out. Would be great to hear from ye. Sabrina

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