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  •  Ciara #44063

      Hi my name is Ciara and im 24. Im from Tipperary and looking to make new girl friends for the usual girly stuff , going out, shopping etc as my friends have either left the country or we have drifted apart. Hope to hear from someone

    •  Níamh #44067

        Where abouts ciara?

      •  Ciara #44073

          Hey Niamh im close to nenagh

        •  Ann-marie #47227

            Hi Ciara,

            I’m 25 and also from Tipperary, here’s my email if you want to chat

          •  Shauna #47252

              Hey Ciara ! 25 born and bred Dubliner
              Afraid 😀😀😀 my five closest
              Friends have gone off travelling in Oz so I’m
              Hoping to meet
              Some new people for the usual
              Chilling out cinema , dancing ,
              Food etc ! Give
              Me a text if
              You want to chat and meet for a coffee
              Something ! I have met one or two girls
              Of this already just hoping to
              Make more
              Friends and get a group going 😀 0871476693

            •  Ann-marie #47255

                Hi Shauna, Are you living in Tipperary currently? Would also like to get a group going 🙂

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