Make new friends in galway :-)

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  •  marym #46418

      Hi im Mary,26 easygoing and friendly, would like to new people in galway, up for hanging out and having the craic 🙂 if your the same get in contact 🙂

    •  Niamh #46423

        Hi Mary, I’m Niamh, I’m 26 also and I would love to meet new people in Galway too.. I’ve just broken up with my boyfriend recently so I would love to meet new people for a fresh start in the city and think on the positive side of things! Looking forward to hearing from you, Níamh

      •  marym #46428

          Hi niamh
          Would be great to have coffee or something sometime,
          This is my email address

          Get in contact and we can arrange something

        •  ClaireAnne #46435

            Hi Ladies,
            Sory Niamh to hear about your break up but im sure there you wil get through it. Its a new start. 🙂

            I will be in Galway city the next two days just to have a tour around. Id love to meet some people while im there. Im 27 like going for tea, shopping going for dinner or drinks and a dance.

            Please feel free to get in touch

            hope to here from you

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