Make New Raving Buddies To Go Holland With

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  •  TheIrishKid #50010

      Looking for new friends male/female who likes to party who likes to travel also likes Hardcore Darkcore industrial Terrorcore Speedcore & Uptempo I’m big music lover been to Holland 25times since July 2008

      Music is my passion dedicated is what I have so would love to share my interest and my passion with new friends 😁😁

    •  KarenP #50504

        Hi I’m also interested in the same music I like hardcore I haven’t been to Holland but I’ve been to the UK a good few times. I’m always free at the weekends look forward to hearing from you.

      •  TheIrishKid #50505

          Hey Karen thanking for replying haven’t been on since I posted it 😁 so hard find people in Ireland that likes hard music used to party over London Leeds & Glasgow before went to Holland was there last weekend at 15hour party going three times in October one in November and two in December have come sometime can you private mail on this no sure how use this lol

        •  KarenP #50970

            Hi sorry my delayed response I can’t attach my email to the messages do you have anyway to send me yours?

          •  TheIrishKid #50972

              Hey it’s cool no problem actually going Holland tomorrow was in Holland last week going again next week 😍😘😋😛😐 Add Me On Facebook Mark Alan O’Reilly

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