Making new friends in Ireland!

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  •  Mary #46774

      Hi! I’m Mary Ann, I’m 27 years old and I’m living in France.
      So here is the thing: basically I love Ireland, I would love to go there more often. Still, it’s a little bit boring on my own, so I’m searching for new friends in Ireland who would love to go in France and to see me in Ireland! It would be like an exchange trip for holidays and other occasions!
      Hope my request is not too strange.
      Take care!

    •  Snigdha #46775

        Hi everybody,
        I am Snigdha , 21 yrs old and from India. I came to Ireland an year ago for my masters from UCD. Although an year has passed , I haven’t really made any good friends here.It was all classes and assignments and projects for me. So now that I am done with that, I was wondering if anyone is interested in chatting and then meeting or something of that sort!
        Thanks 🙂

        •  Tanya #46816

            Hi snigdha
            How are u ?
            Mail me if u want too chat sometime 🙂

        •  Malcolm #46776

            Hi there. I live down in Cork. I am from the UK originally and my wife is Finnish. Your request sounds like a great idea 😀 Send me an email and we can chat. You can contact me at

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