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  •  Aaron #52157

      Hey, how’s it going?
      I’m looking to meet new friends in Dublin. I recently turned 30 and even though I do have some friends, I don’t see them too often due to work or relationship commitments. Relationships are fine, I’m in one myself, but I don’t understand not seeing your friends because of them. I’m interested in sports, mainly football but also rugby and some other stuff. I’m a musician so I love going to see bands and singers. I’m very much a man but the macho shit that guys put on now drives me crazy. I like a beer and am happier to sit in a quiet old bar and have a chat than to go to a nightclub or disco bar. Im interested in the gym and running but have lost my drive recently because going alone all the time is very draining. I’m open to talking to anyone no matter gender, religion, beliefs and sexuality. But if you have any leanings towards racism, homophobia or anything along those lines, please don’t bother. I realise that this ad may seem sharp and short but I honestly have no idea what to do here as it’s my first time doing anything like this.
      If you have any interest, please get in touch and we can go from there.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my ad.

    •  craigk771 #52813

        Hi Aaron where about in Dublin you from ? I’m in similar situation with my own friends . If we live close enough we can prob go for drink or two if ur interested?

      •  Johnny #52821

          Hey Araon I will be coming in September we can be friends?

        •  Car #52858

            Hi I’m Caroline are u interested in female friends or just male friends 😊

            •  Johnny #52859

                Hello Caroline I will be happy with any friends…I’m going to be new to town.

            •  Car #52860

                Where wil u b moving to

                •  Johnny #52861

                    I’m coming to Dublin,I don’t know where I will stay as I have not booked housing yet…I have been told housing is very expensive so I am searching to join sharing roommates or families etc.

                •  Lucy2017 #52866

                    Hi all, (Aaron in particular as ad. poster!)
                    I’ll be up for meeting for some bevvies and see if we get on. I’m moving to Dublin August 1st and won’t know ANYONE! Haha. I’m 29, singer and love going to live music; I’m going to the High Kings in December (wooo). Anyone fancy a drink or hanging out then let me know. I’m a pub girl though, prefer chilled drinks with the lads rather than dolled up girly night. Cheers for now!

                    •  Aaron #52867

                        Hi all. I’ve only seen all these messages now because I’ve been away. I’d be interested in meeting anyone that wants to really. Let me know if anyone would like to make plans


                    •  Car #52868

                        Hi if anyone has any interest in getting to know me send me on ur email address please thanks

                      •  Dara #53260

                          Hi Aaron,

                          I know this is an old post but I’ll give it a shot!
                          My name’s Dara I’m 27f, I moved to Dublin 3 weeks ago for work and would like to meet new people and hopefully make some new friends.
                          I enjoy going for walks, pubs/bars on weekends, travelling around Ireland and elsewhere, cooking and trying out new things.

                          Hope to hear from you if you’re interested.


                          •  Aaron #53261

                              Hi Dara.
                              I’d be interested. Do you have an email and we can talk there?

                              Thanks for the message,

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