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  •  Jimmy #47264

      Dia duit/hello

      I will be moving to Dublin from Manchester in the next month or so and I am keen to make the most of time there. I have never been before so its a bit of a leap into the unknown! I’m reassuringly told it’ll be grand.

      So I guess I am looking for some like minded people. Ideally someone with local knowledge is a bonus but a “newbie” is just as welcome. I have no gender specifications so anyone welcome to say hi.

      A little about me, I am single male of 32, born and bred Mancunian (this will be the first time I have lived anywhere else!) I have very faint Irish heritage, my dad’s dad was from Cork. I am a keen footballer, I play three/four times a week at the moment so would like to keep that up if possible. Anyone play? I’m a fan of the independent, whether that’s a bar, a restaurant or a movie.

      Dublin will naturally be my first mission but when the weather improves next year, I really want to explore Ireland. Road trips likely. Those keen let me know too.

      That’s enough from me, if you’d like to get in touch just post to this thread.

      All the best,


    •  Steph #47268

        Hey Jimmy 🙂

        My name is Stephanie but go by Steph. 24 year old living in Dublin all my life. I’d be well up for a road trip when the time comes to it. 🙂 I love travelling. I am currently working full time Monday to Friday (08.30am to 5pm) hoping to save up the money for travelling around. I’d be glad to show you around if you want. I shamefully wouldn’t know the history behind the places but apart from that, I’d be good enough 😛

        Hope to talk to you soon anyway! 🙂 My email is

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