Meet new friends near Killarney co. Kerry

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  •  Monica #46136

      Hi! I am 30 y.o. and I come from Italy. I d like to make new friends. I have a job as au pair, I live with my host family near Killarney and I have free time in the evening and sometimes during the day.
      Please e-mail me at: You are welcome!

    •  Stacy #47334

        Hi My name is Stacy O’Connor.
        I would like to meet new friends and I be able to ring them and text them and just to meet up with them I am laveing near Killarney

        •  cliodhna #47926

            Hi, I have also just moved to Killarney and am looking to meet new people and hopefully make some friends in the area. If you would like to go for a coffee or meet up please get in touch.

            •  Monica #47932

                Hi! Yes of course, we can meet up for a coffee or a tea next week, when are you off?
                Apologies Stacy, I just red now. You are welcome to join us!
                Please text me on whatsapp: 0858240225.

          •  Wanza Byrne #54127

              Hi everyone I just moved in Killarney and I’m looking for friends cause I’m still new to this part of the country please reply

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