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  •  Melanie #44689

      Hi guys. I had like to meet new people near Dun Laoghaire,or Dublin city centre. I think I am very friendly and want to totally enjoy my gap year 🙂 but you can not really make friends in pubs where everyone is just drunk .. ^^” you know what I mean

    •  42 year old woman #44694

        Hi Melanie,
        I’m not sure if I can contact you direct on this homepage. I live near kilkenny shopping centre in South Dublin, but I go to school in Dun Laoghaire. When would you like to go out and what would you like to do ? I’m open for most suggestions. I like to go out for a walk, or go to the cinema and I also like to go for a dink to a pub. When you are interest to do something together, you can send me an SMS to +44 7822 177 060. I’m looking forward to hear from you.
        best wishes Sabine

      •  Clara #44699

          Hi Melanie I’m Clara and I’m 22 from Dublin, I’m looking to meet a few new people myself drop me an email if you’d like to meet for a drink or coffee x

        •  Manon #45143

            Hi Melanie !

            I am living in Dun Laoghaire for 6 months ! If you want to go out for a drink let me know 😉 !


          •  denis mcdonald #46935

              i would like to meet people in dun laoghaire area

            •  Verena #46962

                My name is Verena, I´m from Germany and I´m as an au pair in Ireland since 1 month. I´m living 1 hour away from Dublin in a very small village, so it´s very hard for me to meet other people! But I wanna really meet people to go in to a pub, make a little trip or just to explore the city. By the way I´m really mobile, because I´m having a car.
                I´m normally not writing people on such a profile, so I don´t really know what to write.

                Lovely greetings and I would like to hear from you

                •  Bunni #46987

                    Hi verena

                    i am from india and at present working in U.A.E i will be coming Ireland for the first time to spend my few days of my vacation. why dont we meet ?


                •  Friederike #46977

                    Hey I’m Friederike.
                    I’m 18 and from Germany. I’m in Ireland as an aupair and live in Dun Laoghaire.
                    If you want to meet just let me know 🙂

                  •  orla #47159

                      Hi Verena, You are welcome to join myself and a friend for drinks in town sometime. Let me know if you are interested!

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