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  •  Brian #44356

      Looking to meet like minded people in Galway City. I’m into music, film, sports, would like to meet up with people to go to a gig or something similar. I’ve a good sense of humour, dependable and pretty sound.

    •  T.J. #44358

        Sup dude!

        Music lover myself currently teaching myself the guitar would happily join you!
        Give me a shout 🙂

        •  Brenda #44367

            Is this just a man thing . . .? Ladies welcome too that share same interests?

            •  T.J. #44373

                I’m happy for anyone to join 🙂

          •  Brian #44375

              Hi guys, no I don’t think it needs to be a man thing. Does anybody have any ideas for a get together over the weekend or next week?

              •  T.J. #44376

                  I’ll probably be hitting the town tomorrow night if either of ye wanna join or we can just meet for a coffee somewhere instead. 🙂

              •  Dec #44408

                  Hi, I’m new to galway… Be nice to have someone to meet up with in the pub to watch a match (United fan but like watching any matches) or just meet up for the craic on weekends. I’m 26 and interested in football, rugby, UFC, movies, TV shows etc. My email is… Gimme a shout!

                •  Niamh #44685

                    Hi guys, I hope you don’t mind a late comer to this conversation but I am into music, gigs, coffees, the lot… If you’re still available drop me a line on

                  •  fiona #44712

                      Hi everyone,

                      Have ya’s organised any meet ups yet? I live in Dublin but I will happily travel down to Galway, love Galway!! I’m really interested in meeting up for gigs, like forbidden fruit, longitude, elec picnic etc among others but will meet up for coffees, drinks, cinema etc too! Look forward to hearing from you all soon

                    •  Anonymous #44766

                        hi my emails

                      •  fiona #44767

                          Hey Laura here’s my email if you want to chat

                        •  Tracey #46632

                            Hi, I am 33 from Galway, interested in social gatherings, would like to meet like minded females. Thanks.

                          •  Ama #47658

                              Mid-30s Female looking for other Single Females to go out drinking with on New Year’s Eve! Drink and have the craic and a fun night out! 🙂 fewdrinks at hot.m.a.i.l.dotcom will reach me. 🙂

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