meeting girls to hang out with in Dublin

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  •  Julia #44549

      Hey girls, i am Julia, 33. Would love to meet girls to go for a drink, pub, club, coffee, shopping, cinema, concert, walk etc etc. The more the merrier! 🙂 i live in Ireland for the last 11 years and would love to meet someone of the similar age and good sense of humour!!!
      i live in Dublin city centre. Available in the evenings mid week and all times at the weekends. Please get in touch! Thanks. Juli

    •  Mags #45077

        Hi Julia
        I’m mags Im 30 n live n South dublin.
        There’s. Group of us heading out sat nte if ur interested? email f interested chat soon

        •  shaz #45165

            Heya mags Sharon here where is it you are going I need to get my social life back aswell

        •  Grace #45097

            Hi Julia, I’m Grace and am 29 and also based in city centre and would like to meet new friends to hang out with. My email is drop me a line if interested.

          •  Fidelma #45135

              Hi Julie

              Im in the same situation myself. Would love to meet up with new people in dublin for going out, gigs, cinema etc.

              A lot of my friends have left Dublin so be great to meet up with new girls or a group of girls. Here is my email.

              Hope to hear from you soon
              fi -)

            •  Vicki #45148

                Hi girls
                I’m Vicki I’m 27 based in the city centre
                I’d love to meet up for a few drinks and whatever
                My email is

              •  shaz #45170

                  Hey as where are u all off to tonight

                •  Laura #45176

                    hi, I’m Laura, 22, from Dundalk, ( if you’re arranging any group night outs or other activities like hiking etc.

                  •  Emma #45193

                      Hi, I am in the same situation so would also love to meet up. Thanks emma

                    •  Tanya #45194

                        Hi Emma
                        Where are u from 🙂

                      •  Kate #45207

                          Hey Julia and others, I’m Kate, 32 and in the same boat. Fancy meeting for a cuppa? Get in touch thanks!

                        •  Sarah #45235

                            Hi im sarah also looking to make new friends i live in dublin to mail me maybe we could get a group going xx

                          •  wendy #45330

                              Hi ladies in the same boat would love a night out I live in Dublin email me

                            •  Sara #45740

                                Hi all,

                                Same situation here, would love to meet/make a group of friends to socialise with! Give me a shout 😉

                              •  Shauna #45828

                                  Hiya, In the same situation all my friends are going abroad travelling! Would really love to meet up with a new group of girls especially if everyone is new to making new friends!

                                •  Anonymous #45854


                                  •  chloe #45855

                                      ive been looking for this website ages ago. Would be great to hang out with any of you. 🙂 cinema, concerts, just about anything 🙂
                                      give me a shout out 🙂

                                    •  chloe #45860

                                        by the way, my email is 🙂

                                        and sending u an email now tanya 🙂

                                      •  Sara #45869

                                          I would love to meet new people too Please let me know if you go out this weekend 🙂

                                          I have been in Dublin 5 years and I need to meet new people ( I have good friends but others left already the country).


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