Meeting people in the Dublin Area

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  •  Laura #42539

      Hey I’m a 21 year old student who just moved to Dublin and I’d love to meet someone people. To go get drinks with, go clubbing and just in general hang out with.

    •  ERIC #42568

        Hi Laura:

        This is Eric, 25 yrs old. I’ve been Dublin for 2 years, and is willing to meet new friends. Send me a email and we can get touch.

        •  Kathleen #42575

            Hi Laura,

            How are you?

            Kathleen here just like yourself looking to meet new people so if you like please get in touch

        •  Kelly #42577

            Hey guys, I’m totally in the same boat, just moved to Dublin and only know a few people. I would love to meet new people to hang out with and sample the many pubs and clubs of Dublin.

            •  Kathleen #42591

                Hi Kelly,

                There is lots to do in Dublin for sure and I would be happy to hang out with you as show you some of the great pubs and clubs of Dublin as I’m from Dublin myself


            •  Kelly #42592

                Sounds good to me,here’s my email address

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