Missing my Girlfriends!! In Bray / South Dublin

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      Hiya, I just stumbled across this site, thank goodness I thought it was just me having trouble meeting people here! I moved to Dublin 3 years ago and lived in a big shared house so made lots of great friends, but most of them were foreign students who have gone home now, and since I now live just with my fella and I’m useless at team sports it’s tricky to meet new people! All the women I work with live miles away and are a bit older, super busy with families.

      I absolutely love animals, but don’t have any as no one is at home during the day so it would be great to meet someone with a dog who would like company on their evening or weekend walks.

      I am 30, but feel more like 20, from England but not lived there for 5 years, I worked and traveled around Australia for 2 years, then went to Borneo and Colombia for a bit before landing here.

      I volunteer at the DSPCA shelter when I have a free weekend and I love it. I love any kind of live music, finding random things to do (for example this weekend I am going on an adventure day of zip wires, archery and abseiling), would be great to find someone who also likes random things…going to plays and comedy nights and stuff…not really my boyfriends bag. I also like walking, cycling, roller blading (though I’m terrible at it) cooking, drinking (is that a hobby?? ha ha), reading, travelling, all sorts really. If you are also into similar things and looking for someone to hang out with in the South Dublin / Bray area I would love to hear from you. I would also like to take up pilates or something in the evening if anyone would like to join me? http://scr.im/2xfw

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