Moved back to Dublin, Know no one 22/Male

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  •  Trev-H #52024

      I’ve been living in the middle of no where country side for 8 years and have only recently moved back. Love being back but it’s kinda bittersweet as I’m on my own now, I thought it be okay but when sitting in on a Saturday night downing a tub of mint ice cream watching netflix you realize it’s kinda crap not having friends. Living in the capital without going out enjoying it with others is like being locked in candy store but with your mouth sewed shut. I have no idea how to make friends at my age as it’s not as easy like sharing a kit-kat bar on little break. Job friends are just job friends and I thought about joining another club but I’m always the youngest with a bunch of 30 and 40 year olds. Luckily I heard of this site but at first I was a bit embarrassed to try it but not doing something gets you no where. I’m a quite friendly chatty fella who likes almost everything. I hope to find a few friends that I can go to the pub with, or see a movie even just going to town.

    •  Aaron F #52033

        Hey Trevor,

        My name is Aaron, I’m 22 and living in Dublin. I’m sorta in the same boat as yourself mate, making friends here can be a nightmare and your Saturday nights sound too familiar, btw Ben and Jerry’s cookie dough for the win lol

        If you wanna meet up or anything just reply back.

        Talk soon 🙂

      •  Newbie1 #52131

          Hi Aarron,,I’m Lynn looking for same things but like to make friends with men too for friendship as I like sports and also I’m new this is first male I ever replied too and feel embarrassed but I’m truly genuine ,as nice to mix hope you don’t mind me replying .
          0862729150 hopefully hear from you

        •  Denise_ome #52210

            Same feeling! I’m 25 and living in Dublin but from Tipp too and need people to do stuff with at weekends and be a proper tourist away from home 😀
            Also looking for someone to go for a few drinks at weekends and have the chats.
            My email is [email protected]

            Denise 🙂

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