Moving from U.S. to Ireland

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  •  Chibelle #52246

      My daughter (52) and I (72) are planning to move to Dingle on or about June 1 for one year.

      I have a couple of questions and I would appreciate any information:

      Private Health Insurance: I have heard figures ranging from $1500 per YEAR to $800-900 per MONTH. . Does anyone have current information?

      Also, is it possible to just self-pay for one’s own medical costs while there for a year?


    •  Elena23 #52248

        I think you can find rate in most of the websites, not too sure if it’s that expensive. One of my friend paying 150€ per month with a private health care.

      •  Cormac #52250

          I’m pretty sure you have to be able to prove to immigration you have health insurance. Mine costs about €90 per month. You can probably get it cheaper.

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