Moving to Dublin Soon!

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      Hey everyone!

      So, in an unusual twist of fate, I have been offered a job in Dublin. I’m from Limerick and have always wanted to get out of here but have always found one excuse or another to put it off.

      Anyway, I know nobody, I’ve started looking for an apartment and I’m pretty damn nervous. I’m not nervous about living there or anything but am crapping it about having to make a new circle of friends again! Hence me googling “Friends in Dublin” and ending up here.

      I’m 22, gay, big build. Taking up the job of Complaints Manager for a multinational which I’m chuffed with, youngest manager in the company!

      I’m far too sarcastic for my own good, love everything un-PC but I’m still sensible! Love reading, computers, nights out, coffee etc…

      If I’ve not put you off at this stage, then feel free to leave a comment or whatever! Moving the first week of August – can’t wait!

      Cheers & sorry for being weird!


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