Moving to Dublin soon, looking for friends

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  •  Aleksandra #46392

      Hey there,

      Aleksandra (Alex or Sandra, whichever you like best), 25 y/o, moving to Dublin in September, to study/work. Looking for friends, real friends, and not just people to hang out with. I have literally no one in Ireland, and it’s going to be very lonely for a while. My interests include: photography (professionally), music (jazz, neoclassical, ambient, rock, alternative, funk, fusion, post rock), sci-fi (books and movies), literature in general, some video games, some anime. I’m an atheist. I don’t drink alcohol, so I’m pretty dull in that department. I am honest and sincere, I love to talk and I really hope to find like-minded people.

    •  delia #46479


        I just moved to Dublin to work/study and I am also looking from some friends. From your description I think we have some things in common.
        I don’t drink alcohol either, I like rock, blues, jazz music, Sci-fi movies and books, i am an atheist, i play guitar.
        I would like to hear from you. Email me at


      •  Gary #46496

          Hey I am moving to Dublin I’m September to study and work too so if you would like to chat my kik is garym_91 don’t hesitate to contact me it will be nice to know someone up there

        •  JulieSimsalabim #46502

            Hi there, to all of you I guess 🙂

            I’m Julie, living in Dublin for almost 5 years now and working full-time. I already had friends living here when I first moved over but most of them (all of them) have relocated back home so I’m looking to make new friends outside of work.

            I don’t play the guitar and drink on occasion but I’m far from a party animal 🙂 if you want to get in touch, just send me a message 🙂


          •  Danny #46503

              Hi My name is Danny,

              I have been living in Dublin for the past 3 weeks, I am 22 years old and I don’t know a lot of people as yet.
              I am also looking for some friends in Dublin. I am living in the city centre.

              I would love to go out for a drink (or a non alcoholic drink haha).

              Just send me a message. 🙂

            •  Aleksandra #46508

                Hey everyone,

                Thanks for your enthusiasm. It’s best if you send me an email
                Otherwise I won’t know how to contact you 🙂

              •  Anonymous #46512

                  Hi Alex, hi you guys. I am 27. I am looking to meet new friends since most of the friends i hang out with are relocating due to studying etc. I am easy goingand chatty. It woukd be nice to meet new nice people. Give us a message ☺

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