Moving to Ireland in Sept- girl friends needed!!

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  •  Laura #46457

      Hey, I’m 25 yrs old, female and moving to Ireland mid Sept. As I don’t know anyone I am looking to meet new friends to have nights in, nights out and general laughs with!! I’m a chatty energetic person looking for like minded friends πŸ™‚

    •  Tanya #46460

        Hey Laura
        Be great too meet up when ya get too Dublin πŸ™‚
        Mail me if u wanna chat πŸ™‚

      •  desiree95 #46465


          Where are you making the move from? Just moved to Dublin myself about two months ago. I’m in my early twenties and would love to make a few more girl friends to hang out with πŸ™‚

          Would love to chat more if ya like! πŸ™‚


          •  Kristie #46555

              Hey ladies,

              I’ve recently moved Aus and am also looking to meet some girlfriends over here. It would be great to catch up for a coffee or drink sometime. I’m 24 y.o and basically love going out to eat, drink and have a good time. I’ve started getting into yoga over here pretty regularly too.

              I’ve sent an email through to both Tanya and Delia but am not sure of your emails Laura or Desiree (and am not entirely sure how to add a link to my own!) but if you want to get in touch you can reach on Facebook ‘Kristie Minshall’


              •  Labella #46556

                  Hi there,

                  IΒ΄ve already moved to Dublin and looking for some new girl friends here. IΒ΄ll text Kristie, Delia and Tanya.
                  I would be really glad to hear from you guys!

            •  delia #46476

                Hello!! I am in my early 20s, i just moved to Dublin and I am looking for some girl friends to spend time with. I am a fun, chatty energetic person. Send me an e-mail if you wanna chat. Cheers!

              •  Mel #46575

                  Hey hey!

                  I’ve also just moved here from Australia! 23y.o and would love to make some new friends to hang with or go for walks or grab coffee with!!

                  I’m new to this site and not really sure how it works! But would love to hear from you guys πŸ™‚

                  Mel x

                •  Lainey #46689

                    Hey πŸ™‚ 23 f student in dublin. Easy going and friendly . Mail me

                  •  Mary #46690

                      Hi girls πŸ™‚

                      From Dublin myself but a lot of my friends have moved over to England for college and work so would love to make a few new friends! I’m 23 and like going for food, cinema, walks, nights in or out. Also would love to join some sort of fitness class in the evening and would love a partner to motivate me so if you’d know any good ones let me know

                      Feel free to drop me a mail πŸ™‚

                      Mary xx

                      •  Shauna #46695

                          Hey ! All my friends are moving to Oz next week ! In many ways wish I was going but totally don’t want to if that makes sense ! Just hoping to make more friends for chats dinner drinks and dancing the usual ! I’m 25 from Dublin so I know the good places to go out to ! Mail me if you want to meet up 😀😀😀

                      •  Coral Thomson #46730

                          Hi girls,

                          I have just moved to Dublin from the UK for work and literally know no one (doesn’t help that everyone I work with is male and in their 40’s!!) I am 23 next week and just looking to make new friends and make the most of my time here! I enjoying going out for drinks, shopping, dinner, the usual really, and I have just joined a bootcamp (we’ll see how long it lasts ☺️) Would be great to meet up for a glass of wine, feel free to add me on Facebook – Coral Thomson 😊

                        •  Donegal :-) #46731

                            Hi girls I’m in the same boat! Moved from Donegal to Dublin to work! Finding myself sitting in Saturday night week after week it’s getting depressing at this stage πŸ™ I’m 26 up for a laugh nights in and out, cinema etc I’m pretty easy πŸ™‚ if anyone is up for meeting give me a shout πŸ™‚

                            Catherine πŸ™‚

                          •  Coral Thomson #46734

                              Hi Catherine,

                              Not too sure how you reply directly on this but I agree that staying in because you don’t know anyone, on a Saturday night in Dublin is not fun! Feel free to add me on Facebook 😊 my name is Coral Thomson

                            •  Julia #46741

                                Hi Girls,
                                moved into town about 3 weeks ago for an internship and basically know no one except for my roommate and my colleagues.
                                I need to make some friends!
                                I’m 25 years old, live close to the city center (I can see the spire from my window), love to meet up for coffee or a beer!
                                Not quite sure how to reply personally to you girls, but will hit you up on FB if that’s alright!?

                                Cheers, Julia

                              •  Alyssa #46744


                                  I’m a 24 yr old masters student who just moved to Dublin looking to make some new friends! I love going out, chatting, being active and really anything that is social! Email me if you are interested in meeting up. my fb is Alyssa zepeda and I’m from the U.S.!

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