Need friends in Galway!

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  •  Lisa #47291

      Hi everyone! I’m Lisa, 24, I’m new to Galway and just want to make new friends here)
      If someone is interested just drop me a line! 🙂

    •  Cathy #47420

        Hey Lisa!

        I’m Cathy and 25. I’ve lived in Galway a while but most of my friends have moved away 🙁 If you’d like to meet up email me:

        Cathy 🙂

      •  Mr_K #47426

          Hi Lisa. How are you today?
          I am in the same boat as you. IF you are interested we can meet up someday for coffee 🙂

        •  Jane #47447

            Hi there

            Im in the same boat as cathy most of my friends have moved away! Let me know if your still looking to make some new friends here!

          •  Gustavo #47481

              Just moved to Tuam (Galway) last week. I can meet for a coffee or a drink.

            •  Ama #47657

                Hi girls. Am looking for other Single Girls to go out with on New Year’s Eve for the Night Out! Perhaps a Live Band or something rather than hopping around a few different Pubs. Would be lovely to arrange something if anyone’s up for it?! 🙂 I guess I’m looking for girls who might be single and up for drinking and the night out rather than the evening and home early, I’d like to find gals up for late-ish nights out and 1 or 10 drinks! 🙂 🙂

                •  Roz #48833

                    Always up for a night out if anyone wants to tag along 🙂

                •  Anonymous #47746

                    Hey Lisa my name is Amanda and ill be moving to Galway in March if your still looking to make new friends feel free to email me 🙂

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